Wednesday, January 15, 2014

(Out of the vault - for a limited time only!) Lost in translation II

I heard this song the other day, it reminded me of this. . . 

I've recieved zero many cards and letters
thanking me for this post,
and no many requests to translate other Michael McDonald songs.
Sure, they're fun to listen to, but what IS he singing?
Well, I've been given a gift, my friends.
The gift of a listening ear.
I can hear what no others can.
Oh yes, I heard you not leaving a comment the other day.
You don't exactly tip toe in here.
Shame on you.
because I've got nothing else to blog about
by popular demand,
here is his hit song,
"Mint By Mint"
translated by:
Oh wait, I didn't translate the chorus,
because I'm pretty sure everyone knows it.
Hint: It's the same as the title.

Heh don’t worry I’ve been lied to
I been pith many times befo’
Girl don’t you wor
I wah sah
I don’t need this love
I don’t need your lah
I don’t un co tuh
Crepe and you be gone
I must be prepare
Any time to carry on
Heh bay
I be holdin’ on
Oh yes I will now
I be holdin’ on
Hugh'd stay just you watch me darling
Wend away those lies from you
Case up ahead
Nirrored on the run
Take it off of me
Like you’re the only one
Livin’ on mah own
Sometime that’s alright
You think I’m your fool baby
You may just be right
I be holdin’ on
a ya name now baby
I be holdin’ on
I be holdin’ on
Hind your name
I be gone
You be shaman
I wahn be there
Just my lie
Your re-al eye
You just fine your lie with somewhere
You just fay your lie
With someone
I be holdin’ on
Yeah he now
I be holdin’ on
Girl don’t be on me
Yeah baby
I be holdin’ on
Lie low now baby
I be holdin’ on
Yeah baby
Yeah baby

Now, print this, and stick it on your dashboard.
The next time it comes on the radio, you'll be ready to sing along!
You can thank me later.
Or right now by leaving a comment.
Whichever you choose.
I accept cash donations too.
It's hard work listening to his songs over and over again.


Millie said...

THANK YOU!! I've been waiting for this for years!!!!!

you rock

wv = twinsers

lefty said...

Thank you! Truly. And I thought he said, "I don't need you lawn" but it is really "I don't need your lah"...that makes way more sense.

I will sleep much better tonight, thanks to you.

Crissie said...

Oh Carrot, where would we be without you? I was actually able to sing along!

lizlaughs said...

Sure glad you cleared that up. I had no idea what he was saying before. But now, now I totally understand.

lizlaughs said...

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, thanks!

Thorny Tree Lady said...

The man should be a diction coach on American Idol.

Jennifer B. said...

Just what I needed today. There is enough confusion in the world. Thank you for solving another of life's mysteries!

Shawn said...

I'm leaving a comment. I've leaving a comment!


Oh, how warm and fuzzy that song made me feel. Thanks for the lyrics.

Klin said...

I never would have figured that out. Seriously. How do you understand all that gibberish? You have a urim and thumim, don't you?

b. said...

You have nailed it.
That is exactly how I sing it when it comes on.
And one must sing it like you are straining.

Annie said...

I buy Wylers. I'm not ashamed to admit it. It's cheap and good.

Stacey said...

That is amazing!!

Yvonne said...

I'm so glad I can FINALLY sing along ; )

mindyluwho said...

And I was trying to be so quiet when I was sneaking in...

Nancy Face said...

Thanks for a great laugh! :D

Sister Pottymouth said...

Yeah, baby. Pee. That's what my baby does in the tub.

Shirley said...

crap! Now I can't make up my own lyrics...the real words are stuck in my head! Nice going, Carrot!

Shayla said...

I confess, I am a lurker. I gotta tell ya though, you crack me up! Thanks.

Lisa said...

Ha! Funny! Thanks for the laugh!

Robin said...


Heffalump said...

Now I want a mint...

Jennifer B. said...

Just as good as the first time. I miss blogland!

Marc Carson said...


Carol said...

Wow. You really do have a gift. My cash donation is in the mail.