Friday, May 17, 2013

I selected "alternative" on my iPod this morning, and "Human" came on.
If you don't remember, it's a hit song "The Killers" had a couple of years ago.
The chorus is "Are we human? Or are we dancer?"
Yes, "dancer".
I always thought it was "dancers".
So I'd be listening to it and thinking to myself,
"Why is that a choice? We can't be both? You're either human, or your dancers? What's that all about?"
So this morning it comes on, and I realize he says, "dancer".
Just... "dancer".
And I'm like, "Wha?"
"Are we dancer?"
"We" is plural, "Dancer" is singular.
How does that work together?
As far as I can figure out, he is talking about a name.

The only "dancer" I know, is a reindeer.
So, he wants to know...

Are we human?
Or are we reindeer?
Is that hard to figure out?
And why did they pick "Dancer"?
Why not "Prancer"?
If the lyrics were "Are you human? Or are you Prancer?" I'd totally pick Prancer.
I like prancing around.
Like this.
It's what I do when I clean my house, or grocery shop.
It's my "thang".

No, not really.
I'm really more of a "Vixen".

No, not really.
"Donner", maybe.
Wait, they eat people.

I'm just not going to make any choices tonight.
I'll get some sleep and think about this in the morning.
Probably when I'm shaving my legs.
Then I might be convinced I really am a reindeer.
That, or a yeti.